Anna Nemchinova was born and raised beyond the Polar circle. From the early childhood she is familiar with the severity, beauty and contrasts of the north. However, Anna’s works are not exclusively about the north. Her art is more of a reflection of how she sees herself in every epoch and every generation despite the hardships. The language of folklore intertwines with the contemporary 90s and 00s - the time of Anna’s youth. Story-like and real, sublime and common, deep and obvious - both riddles and answers, enlightenment and weakness in attempts to grasp the unknown - are all at once present in Annas works. Her works, just as the rest of the modern culture, are a synthesis: a mixture of relevant aesthetics interacting with traditional ornaments, domestic images rethought through the logic of dreams, patterns taking up the leading roles of the composition. Anna creates with mixed media and uses various materials from both painting and illustration.

  • 2007: School of contemporary art «Free Workshops» based at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art)
  • 2008-2011: British Higher School of Art and Design, Illustration Programme, bachelor degree
  • 2023: Icon-painting

2009: BHSAD Annual Exhibition, Moscow
2010: BHSAD Annual Exhibition, Moscow
2011: Rock Paper Scissors, Glaz Gallery, Moscow
2011: International Festival of Comics KomMission, Moscow
2011: BHSAD Annual Exhibition, Moscow
2017: Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Art Exhibition, Triumph Gallery, Moscow
2018: Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Art Exhibition, Moscow
2021: Art Russia Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
2022: Art to the North, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2022: Modern Art Museum Siyanie, Murmansk Region
2022: Art Russia Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
2022: DOM Сharity Exhibition, Sevkabel Port, Saint Petersburg
2022: BAR International artist-in-residency, Pikene pa Broen, Kirkenes (Norway)
2023: VLADEY Сontemporary art auction, Moscow
2023: Art Russia Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
2023: Collective exhibition at Moscow metropolitan
2023: Moscow Week of Interior and Design, VDNH
2023: Permanent Exhibition, Vysota gallery
2023: Moscow Week of Interior and Design, Moscow Manege
Don't leave the room
Mixed media on paper, 29x38 cm